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How can the Indian economy revive amid the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Indian economy was slowing down with a real GDP The human cost of COVID-19 is huge. COVID-19, the global pandemic, is fast turning into an economic epidemic. The world has changed dramatically over the last few months. The novel coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an unimaginable loss to the global economy, along with the […]

Why should you invest in a stock market?

Investing in the stock market is about learning and making money. Why choose stocks instead of other options? It’s always good to invest your money somewhere than to keep it idle. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, you can always find a variety of options to park your money. And if you want […]

15+ Interesting Investment Criteria To Know Indian Investors Better

The investors differ in their category based on their pattern The behaviour of the investor can be easily analysed through the number of years Do you want to invest in the market? Do you want to have first-hand knowledge of where people invest and how they make decision? Here are 15+ easy reckoners that will help […]

Impact of demographic factors on retail investor’s decision-making

The Indian capital market offers a gamut of financial instruments Income has always been a crucial variable for distinguishing investment options. The investment pattern is a long-term perspective. Investing one’s hard-earned money can have a major impact on investor’s future well being. Every investor has to appraise his risk-appetite, understand his financial goals, analyze the […]

Don’t trust yourself for saving money (Do automatic saving)

Finding it difficult to stick to a habit of saving money Automatic savings is a fantastic way How many of you want to have good savings but still finding it difficult to stick to a habit of saving money? Don’t trust yourself when it comes to saving money systematically. No matter how much you are […]

Things you should know about a pre-approved loan

Pre-approved loans are mostly similar to standard loans Pre-approved loan offers usually come with competitive interest rates You would have often got phone calls or SMS from the bank saying that you’re eligible for a pre-approved loan. Now, what is this pre-approved Personal Loan? Pre-approved loans are mostly similar to standard loans by nature except […]

Know why forced investing is good for your financial life

Mutual fund investments are among the best forced investment options The most popular forced savings vehicle on this planet is house Investments mean asset building that eventually leads to a stable financial life. And it becomes a reality when you have “no option but to invest.” There are various options like starting a SIP in […]

Is it wise to close your home loan early?

Invest in mutual funds to gain more than home loan interest Individuals who do not have enough cash at hand should never opt for foreclosing the loan Home loans help buy your dream home. Many salaried people get a home loan just after bagging their job. However, whether this can be a good or a […]

What are Pension Funds?

This comes in quite handy to ensure financial independence Pension funds are powered by various types of pension plans A pension fund (alternatively known as a superannuation fund) refers to any fund, scheme or plan that gives you retirement income. While many Government jobs provide post-retirement pension benefits, those jobs account only for about 3.5% […]

Not Having A Second Child Due to Increasing Expenses

Couples are either deciding not to have children soon   Second child could help in the personality development India has always been known for big families. Looking back, we find that our grandparents or our great-grandparents had multiple children. This resulted in huge families. A single-family would approximately have 8-10 members at the minimum. Almost […]