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Mutual Fund

Stories of mutual funds investments based on your short, mid and long term goals

Role of Trustees in mutual funds

Every mutual fund must have at least four trustees.

Let’s talk about Mutual Fund Fees, Charges, and Expenses

An Asset Management Company (AMC) controls the operation of a mutual fund

What is an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)?

ETFs can be purchased and sold throughout the day over stock exchanges.

What are Gift Funds?

Gift funds are contributions from any party in the family

What are market neutral funds

A neutral market position is a fifty-fifty hedge in either direction

What are Emerging Market Funds?

Emerging markets are those countries that haven't reached developed market

What are Real Estate Funds?

A real estate mutual fund invests in the securities of real estate companies.

What are Low-risk Funds?

Funds in this category are focused on generating returns keeping the risk level low.

What are Medium-risk Funds?

Investors who invest in mutual funds are often not aware of their risks.

What are High-risk Funds?

Highly capable of delivering excellent returns in the future

What are Aggressive Growth Funds

A mutual fund that seeks the highest capital gains by investing in the shares

What are Capital Protection Funds

The term "Capital Protection Funds" sounds like music to investors' ears.

Combination of Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches

The top-down approach starts with the general conditions

Mutual Funds & Investor Awareness

The absence of proper investor awareness may lead to a low profile

Investing with a Bottom-up approach in Mutual Funds

The Bottom-up investing approach focuses on Microeconomic factors

Investing with a Top-down approach in Mutual Funds

Top-down investing requires looking at the big picture

Analysis of Public & Private Sector Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are the type of company that sponsors the mutual fund.

What is a Money Market?

Understanding the money markets helps you a lot

Selection parameters in mutual funds

Get an idea about the parameters for picking the right ones

Mutual funds strategy in bank

You can see some banks also sell mutual funds

Advantages of mutual funds

The most attractive feature is that it allows investors to diversify

Mutual fund distribution channels

About the mutual fund distribution channel

What are children’s funds

All parents concern about their children's future

What are Dividend Yield Funds

you invest approximately 70-80% of the corpus in shares or stocks of companies

What is Retirement Fund

Retirement planning is very necessary if you work in a private company or a self-employed one.

What are Multi-Asset Allocation Funds

The Multi-Asset Allocation Mutual Fund is a combination of asset classes

Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds or Balanced Advantage

It is the one fund where you can see the diversification of all assets

Conservative hybrid funds

These schemes invest in varying proportions in both equity and debt securities

What is Floater Fund?

Floater Fund is an open-ended debt scheme that invests more than 65%

Gilt Fund with a 10-year constant duration

Gilt funds with a 10-year constant duration are open-ended debt funds

What are Banking and PSU Funds

Banking & PSU Mutual Funds are open-ended debt schemes

What are Credit Risk Funds

Credit-risk funds investing in low-rated securities

What are Corporate Bond Funds

Public and private companies both issue corporate bonds.

What Are Dynamic Bond Funds

Those open-ended debt schemes that invest across duration

Medium Duration Mutual Funds

Medium Duration Funds, as the name suggests, are open-ended, medium-term debt schemes

Low Duration Mutual Funds

Low Duration Funds are open-ended Debt funds that invest

What are Overnight Funds?

Overnight funds are debt funds investing in debt securities

Penetration / Reach of Mutual Funds in Tier-3 Cities

Indians are mostly risk-averse investors

What is SIP Top-up, and what are its benefits?

SIP also comes with a Top-up facility

Effects of Mutual Fund on Indian Economy

Mutual funds successfully fulfill the role of intermediaries

ESG funds (Environment, Social and Governance)

In recent times, ESG funds are becoming more popular among investors. Read to know more about this ESG and ESG funds

You Should Increase SIP Amount Now

You should increase the SIP amount each year by 10%

11 Difference between stocks and mutual fund

Mutual funds usually give decent consistent returns to their shareholders

The investor’s perception and preference towards Mutual funds

There has been a spurt in the popularity of schemes like SIP

Factors influencing the investments decisions of retail investors in Mutual funds

The nature of the fund, performance, company services, fund manager, and personal factor

MF is a retail product designed to target small investors, salaried people and others

The safety of principal guaranteed, the added advantage of capital appreciation.

When should you change your investment plan?

You may sometimes earn high returns by changing plans

Why should you monitor and review your fund

A review process should be in place to ensure that you are on track

Why should you invest through Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds help in investing in a wide range of market-linked instruments

The role of a Fund Manager in the Mutual Fund scheme

A fund manager is who manages the core portfolio

What should I do if fund’s poor results persist?

It is indeed disheartening for an investor

Should I opt for SIP or bulk investment?

The investment can be made in a mutual fund in two ways.

Why should you consider Fund Costs?

It costs money to run a mutual fund smoothly.

What if a fund changes its strategy?

A fund can bring changes to its strategy in many ways.

Mutual fund past performance and consistency

Studies show that past performance is not a sufficient condition

Does Mutual fund provide risk diversification?

Risk diversification is to reduce the risk

What happens to money invested, If a mutual fund scheme is wound up?

When it fails to meet the requirement of minimum assets

What is a Fund of Funds (FoF) scheme?

A scheme that invests in other mutual fund schemes

How do you evaluate mutual funds’ performance?

You need to monitor your investments to make informed decisions

What are income mutual funds or income schemes in mutual fund?

Income funds are debt mutual funds that invest in fixed income securities

What are Growth Schemes?

This type of fund usually invests in companies with a proven track record

As an investor, what should you look into an offer document (OD)?

Mutual funds file a document under the Securities and Exchange Board of India

Let’s talk about Venture Capital Funds

A venture capital fund is a scheme of pooled investment

The number of different schemes should one invest in?

Having the same kind of different funds is called 'overlap.'

What are Money Market Mutual funds?

Money market funds are the mutual funds that invest in high-quality money market securities

What are Interval Mutual Fund Schemes?

Interval Mutual funds are non-traditional type mutual funds

Entry load and exit load in Mutual fund

A Load Fund charges a percentage of NAV for entry or exit

What are Offshore Funds?

Offshore funds are also under the purview of RBI and SEBI mutual fund

Selecting a mutual fund scheme

Check how the scheme performed in comparison with others

Who and How are mutual funds regulated?

Mutual funds in India are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) primarily.

Attaching goals while investing in mutual funds

Every investor has some goals in life to reach either in the short term or long term

Taking a loan against mutual fund investments

Since the loan is secured, the interest rate will be lower compared to any unsecured loan.

Know about nomination in mutual fund schemes

The Nomination is a process to appoint a person.

How side pocketing works in mutual funds?

SEBI introduced the concept of side pocketing in debt mutual funds.

What is the difference between an open-ended and close-ended scheme

As an investor, you can buy and sell open-ended funds at any time as per your convenience.

What are Mutual Fund Fixed Maturity Plans

If you are looking for predictable returns, start investing in fixed maturity plans.

Mistakes to avoid while investing in mutual funds

Investors must have a financial goal and time horizon when investing in mutual funds.

What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds versus directly in shares

With a diversified investment portfolio, mutual funds involve less risk.

How SWP from Equity Hybrid Funds can be useful to get regular return

You can choose the periodic intervals for withdrawal as per your requirements.

10 Things to know before finding best mutual funds for SIP

Do you have any specific investment goal in your mind.

Alternative to Fixed Deposits

Mutual Funds are best suited as an alternative to fixed deposits

What are Mutual Fund Fixed Maturity Plans

If you are looking for predictable returns, start investing in fixed maturity plans.

Mutual funds and Insurance plans

Why people prefer investing in mutual funds rather than putting their money in different insurance plans

Which is the best mutual fund according to your risk appetite

An investor should also consider several other things before investing.

How mutual fund systematic transfer plans or STP work

An investor transfers a fixed amount of money from a fund category to another.

What is tax saving mutual funds and how can it help create long term wealth

The long-term capital gains under tax-saving mutual funds are not taxed

Start online mutual fund SIP Investments

There are plenty of benefits of choosing SIP for investing in the mutual fund

What are ultra-short term debt mutual funds?

Its investment horizon ranges from one week to eighteen months.

What are sectoral mutual funds?

These funds are popular for going through high-rewarding situations.

What are large cap mutual funds?

As the name suggests, large-cap funds are a type of mutual funds that invest a major portion of is corpus in large companies.

What are mid and small cap mutual funds

Mid-cap funds are those that mainly invest in mid-cap entities

How to check your mutual fund KYC status online

A person can start investing in mutual funds once he or she becomes a KYC complaint.

How to invest online in mutual funds in India

Completing the KYC process is the first thing you need to do to start your mutual fund journey.

What are index funds?

The working of index funds mainly depends on an underlying index

How to start SIP in mutual fund?

You can register for a mutual fund SIP of your choice once you become a KYC compliant.

Let’s talk about Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) of Mutual Funds

ELSS is a great choice to save taxes compared to other traditional investment instruments.

The difference between Mutual Fund and ULIPs

ULIP is also popular like mutual funds among investors as it offers twin benefits to them.

Mutual Fund KYC How you can do

know how to complete the KYC registration for the mutual fund investment.

In India how to invest in mutual funds

Before investing in mutual funds, an investor should decide his or her mutual fund goals

What is Gold ETF

A Gold ETF or Exchange-traded Fund is an investment fund in India.

The working of Asset Management Companies in India

In India, Asset Management Companies handle the whole affairs of mutual funds.

Various types of Equity Mutual Funds in India

Equity funds are the main choice for mutual fund investors as it generates high returns

What are mutual fund tax benefits

During the lock-in period of Tax Saving Mutual Funds ELSS you can withdraw the dividends earned

The common myths about Mutual fund NAV

Many investors, especially new investors, choose mutual funds with lower NAV

What is NAV of mutual fund

Understanding NAV helps you to be a better investor.

Asset Allocation is Important

In Financial market investor will find loads of investment opportunities across multiple asset class.

How single mothers can secure their children’s future

Raising a child by single mother is toughest job in the world

Mutual fund for children’s higher education

The efficient financial planning is to begin really early when your baby who is barely 2 years of age.

Why SIP in Mutual Fund

SIP in Mutual Funds can help you achieve your short, medium and long term goals

What are Mutual Funds in India

Are you looking for an investment option that helps you to become financially independent?

Benefits of investing in mutual funds in India

One of the best features of mutual funds is that it is managed by professionals.

What are different types of mutual funds in India

mutual funds are classified into different categories based on their asset class, structure, risk, and investment objectives

What are Balanced Mutual Funds in India

Balanced funds, also known as hybrid funds, are a combination of both debt and equity funds.

Gilt free Gilt mutual funds

Gilt funds are fixed-interest generating securities of the state and central governments.

Difference between Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and Index Funds

Both these funds are designed to track the performance of an index.

What are diversified equity mutual funds

it invests in different companies irrespective of its market capitalization

What are Liquid Mutual Funds

Liquid funds are a type of debt mutual fund that invests in short-term money market

What are Mutual Fund Monthly Income Plans

These funds can generate a regular income for their investors

What are Top Performing Mutual Funds in India

People who plan to start their investment journey always get confused about the best

What are Arbitrage Mutual Funds in India and how it works

These funds are a good substitute for short-term debt funds.