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How to start SIP in mutual fund?

You can register for a mutual fund SIP of your choice once you become a KYC compliant.

If you start investing in small amounts through your mutual fund SIP, you can reap big returns.


Now a days people know the value of their hard-earned money and think ways to invest them in the right places to earn good returns. For many of them, SIP in mutual funds is a trusted and convenient choice of investment. Money gets deducted directly from their account regularly by opting for this scheme. Many people in India opt for mutual fund SIP to invest their money as it is a planned way of regular investment. If you start investing in small amounts through your mutual fund SIP, you can reap big returns. This article helps you to get a deep understanding of how to start a SIP.

How to invest in SIP

Every investor needs to set their financial goals before choosing their mutual fund scheme for investing. Then, he or she can choose the right SIP to invest their money based on their financial objectives. Take a look at the procedures to start your SIP.

  • Complete the KYC formalities

The first thing an investor needs to do to start his or her mutual fund SIP is to complete their KYC formalities. In order to fulfill that formality, you need to upload the documents like the proof of address, PAN card, passport-size photographs, and cheque book details to the website of any fund house that offers eKYC. You also need to provide your basic details like name, date of birth, contact details to complete the procedure.

The fund house will schedule an appointment to confirm your identity through a video call. Using an Aadhar Card is the simple way to confirm your identity, but it may limit your yearly investment to Rs.50, 000. By providing your PAN card details, you can increase the limit of this amount.

How to register for your SIP

You can register for a mutual fund SIP of your choice once you become a KYC compliant. For registering your SIP online, you need to visit the website of the fund house that offers your mutual fund scheme and look for the link to fill an application form. As an investor, you need to provide some basic personal details, contact information, and bank information through this form. You will get a user ID and password once you register to carry out your future online transactions. You will be able to start investing once the fund house sends you a confirmation after you complete your registration. An investor can log in to his or her account using the user ID and password at any time.

How to choose the right SIP

Each investor should choose a SIP for his or her needs based on their financial goals and income and expenditure. You can assess the amount that you need to invest for your SIP on a monthly or quarterly basis to reach your financial objectives with the help of a SIP calculator. Investors can set a date on which to debit the mutual fund SIP amount based on their bank statement. A fixed amount will be deducted regularly, say monthly or quarterly, from your savings account towards the scheme that you choose for investing through SIP.

Everybody wants to save a certain amount of money every month from his or her income to create wealth and meets their financial goals. SIP of mutual funds can be a trust option for them to fulfill their investment objectives. Choosing a Systematic Investment Plan makes you a disciplined investor. Choose the right mutual fund and start investing early to secure a financially independent future.

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