Comparte Capital Investment

Is it beneficial to invest through REIT?

REIT has been a popular concept throughout the world for many years One of the great features of REIT is that it has a structure similar to mutual funds The commercial real estate has changed immensely over the last decade, owing to many factors like the extensive use of technology, new business models, changing expectations […]

future of telecom in india

Each year the telecom subscriber base is increasing and so is the amount of investment. The Government is quite seriously considering the need to make this sector flourish Looking at the numbers of telecom subscriptions happening per year, it can be safely said that India ranks second or has the second-largest user base of telecom […]

The Future Of Automobile Industry In India

The need to get good automobiles to satisfy the basic need for transportation is a primary lookout in this country. In 2018 the automobile sector saw a major downfall as regards sales and the inventory kept on piling up. The automobile sector in India is a huge market and today we just can’t think of […]

Giving Financial Security to Special Needs Children

Monetary support is probably the best support you can provide to your child A trust is a great way to gift your child with special needs security and comfort Your children are precious to you and we believe that every child is important. But what about a child with special needs? A specially-abled child will […]

How well your Employees are Prepared for Retirement

Life after retirement should be tension free and full of fun You can offer a beneficial retirement plan to your employee by joining hands with Multiple Employer Plan. Retirement is a strong word that can be a total nightmare for your employees because retirement means no fixed salary, no income plus all the constant expenditure. […]

Investors Are Moving From Real Estate To Mutual Funds For Better Returns

Don’t be too biased and jump into buying a residential unit or invest in land It is a tried and tested fact that mutual funds give better returns. We might think of investing for several reasons and sometimes investing intelligently is what we need. The question is why do we invest? We invest to get […]

Most Important Conversation to Have With Your Spouse About Money

You have to first get financially naked, yes this might sound a little harsh. Encourage your spouse to invest more in mutual funds, ask for their opinions Most couples are initially very hesitant regarding the discussion about money matters, but it is very important to take this up sooner than later. Problems crop up if […]

How To Raise Financially Responsible Children

Raising a financially responsible child is very important these days. We know that you love your child and want them to have everything that they want. It is important as a parent for you to raise children who are financially responsible. This not only helps them to understand the worth of money but they ultimately […]

Avoid Depending On Children For Post-Retirement Money Needs

Retirement is inevitable but there is nothing to be scared To make your life after retirement super happy you must start saving from now. Have a solid plan ready for your retirement so that you don’t have to depend on anyone for finances, not even on your kids! People often fail to think realistically, but […]

Sovereign Gold Bonds and its features

Many investors find the Gold ETFs a suitable alternative to buying physical gold These are the gold bonds issued by the Reserve Bank of India in consultation with the Government of India Indians adore gold and wears them, especially on special occasions. In fact, this metal is associated with wealth and prosperity and sometimes even […]