Financial Planning For Living Together (Live-in Relationships)

According to Indian Law, living relationships are legit Modern live-in couples are upbeat about sharing their expenses equally Financial planning is not meant for married couples only. Financial planning is important for everyone even when couples are just living together. According to Indian Law, living relationships are legit. Couples might get children out of wedlock […]

The Risks Associated With Remaining Uninsured

There are practically no pros in remaining uninsured Insurance policies will provide some additional benefits called riders. Remaining uninsured can be pretty dangerous as you are not only risking your wellbeing but also the wellbeing of your family and loved ones. It doesn’t take much to get proper insurances done but if you don’t, you […]

Financial Planning For Losing a Job

The first important thing is to plan which is a proactive step It is always wise to reduce the burden of loans even when employed Losing a job can be one of the most fearsome experiences especially for people who have not planned for such an event. The whole idea of losing a job and […]

Investment vs. Savings

Both these words are two wheels of the same cycle With so many scams and frauds, it is time to reform the co-operative banks in the country People of today are more careful when it comes to managing money as they know they are not live in a world where they can take each day […]

Debentures over Fixed deposit

Debentures are the borrowed funds of the company that represent their debt. Debentures usually pay a fixed rate of interest, and holders of this instrument get paid before paying dividends to shareholders. Good money management is important to secure your future. So, people look for different investment instruments to invest their money to generate returns […]

Are Moms Really Good In Saving Money?

Is it wise to put the money in a piggy bank or keep it safe inside the cupboard? As a mom, you have to do is deposit small amounts from time to time. Moms who take up the task of running their family on a budget actually have a pretty difficult job to do. A […]

Weekend Investment Plan

Implementing weekend investment planning here can be enormously helpful The joy of financial freedom is the best feeling ever Don’t we all love to spend lavish, relaxed weekends after every tiring week? Yes, going out, eating at fancy restaurants, shopping, visiting pubs and bars; in fact, some of us are so profligate that we do […]

COVID-19 challenges offer a new outlook on mutual fund investments

It has led to the recent heartbreaking stock market crash SIP became the icon for this revolutionary shift in investment habits. COVID-19(Novel Corona Virus), which first emerged in the Wuhan city of China, has now spread to 203 countries and territories with more than 9 lakhs Coronavirus cases killing more than 45,000 people and hundreds […]

Why funding small business is important?

Funding is the fuel that powers a business Purchasing assets are highly crucial for expansion plans I’m sure many of you own a small business. Don’t you feel that your little initiative requires funding to grow? Have you ever thought of opportunities you are losing due to a lack of funds? It is said – […]

Economic toll of a pandemic

There are many dangers that the world is facing now. It might sound utterly scary, but this is not some sort of surprise. There is no point in denying the fact that these are definitely dark times. With a fierce pandemic ravaging the human race at large, there are many dangers that the world is […]